When we graciously receive the freedom to invest in the community God has given us, we discover some of His most splendid treasures.

Sarah Comer

Spring Group Life

Making Christlike Disciples in the Nations

We’re so excited to be entering into a new season of Group Life beginning in February. This semester, we’re joining with the other four Nazarene churches in Murfreesboro to connect with our community, grow in Jesus Christ, and share the love of God.

At Real Life Community, one of our core mission areas of focus is GROWING in Christlikeness. Historically, this is known within the church as “discipleship.” We don’t just want people coming to Sunday services and making decisions to believe in Jesus. We want each person to press into the transforming work of God in their lives so that they can reflect the image of their Savior in the world.

We have chosen to work toward this goal of GROWING in Christlikeness through Group Life. We believe that sharing life together in studies and/or ministry activity with others is one of the primary avenues God uses to shape our lives into the likeness of Jesus.

We believe this new format will create regular opportunities for renewal, on-ramps for people who are interested in engaging in the GROWING aspect of our mission statement and build in a seasonal rhythm to keep us all moving forward together.

This partnership with our sister churches allows smaller churches like ours to offer a greater variety of groups, in more locations and at more times during the week than we could on our own. Because of this partnership, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to find a group that interests you, meets when you can make it and at a convenient location. We hope you find one or four that you’d like to sign up for below!