A Blessed New Year

A Blessed New Year

When I was a kid, every school year after returning from Christmas break we had some sort of assignment that included writing out our New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you did something similar. Then, either as the years progressed or as I grew older I heard more often of people that weren’t setting New Year’s resolutions because “they never stick to them anyway.”

In the last few years, it’s become more common to choose a word or phrase that represents what you accomplish in the new year. For example, this year I’ve seen: thrive, intentional, finish, perspective, elevate, compassion, self-worth, health, presence, boundaries, and authenticity. Maybe even if we can’t nail out a detailed list of hopes and dreams for the year, we can at least pick something on which to focus.

Personally, I’m a big fan of New Year’s Eve and Day: the traditions, the goal setting, the clean slate, the idea of putting your best foot forward. I love the transformation that happens when I go to sleep feeling somewhat defeated and wake up feeling renewed and hopeful. And don’t even get me started on the goals and words that I plan out on my own.

But this year, I did something different. A month ago, my entrepreneur sister-in-law told me the story of how she asked God for the first time in three years what He wanted to accomplish through her business. She followed His leading which resulted in her giving a large offering to a girls’ home in Romania at the end of the month. Watching that significant transparency and authenticity made me think, “What would happen if we all did that every single month?”

So rather than starting with my own dreams and plans this year, I asked the bold and daring question. When I ask God a question like that, I always go into it knowing that my answer is yes. Because, well, why ask the question if you’re not willing to commit and trust that He can accomplish it through you? So I answered yes and then asked, “What do you want to do through me this year? What are you calling me to do?”

No matter your philosophy on New Year’s, whether you set resolutions, pick words, or treat it as another normal day, I challenge you to spend a few moments asking the One who creates every day in the year about where He’s leading you. Pray that He’ll help you see 2018 through His eyes. A prayer like that could be what deepens your spiritual walk to an entirely new level or what helps you start a ministry at work. It could be what changes the life of a missionary or what changes the life of your family. Make it a practice that you repeat regularly throughout the year. After all, you were created on purpose and for a purpose. You were created to live for Him in 2018.

Written by Sarah Comer