Be Strong in the Lord

Be Strong in the Lord

Written by Erik Gernand

When I was growing up, I remember my church hosting this group called “The Power Team.” If you grew up in church, maybe you’ve heard of them. It was a gimmicky thing that some super strong guys did to create an avenue to try and share faith. But the stuff they could do was incredible: tearing license plates in half with their teeth, bending steel bars, breaking concrete blocks and on and on. 

My personal favorite was blowing up a 2 Liter bottle until it exploded. Don’t try that one at home (I did)! 

So, when I read the verse for today, I couldn’t help thinking of this group. 

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. – Ephesians 6:10 

Now, of course this verse isn’t talking about becoming the Incredible Hulk and being able to accomplish superhuman feats of strength.  

But few of us need that kind of strength in our day to day lives anyway. 

I think lots of us would be satisfied with enough strength to be able to move through life’s challenges without being broken ourselves. 

In the scriptures, we’re told again and again about a God who is strong. And we’re encouraged to lean on God’s strength instead of our own. Paul is writing these words to the Ephesian church, which is undergoing a ton of challenges, to remind them that this strength is available to them in the situation where they are. 

And it’s available to you in your life as well. 

There is a strength that is available to you today that comes from outside of yourself, that is bigger than the enormity of your challenges and that will be able to see you through. Remember that strength today. Lean into it. Be strong “in the Lord and in his mighty power.” 

And may God see you through.