Delightful Dew

Delightful Dew

Written by Ashley Hoffner, missionary in Argentina

Well, the dew is actually frozen…making it frost. But I’m trying to be positive in the freezing weather! (See what I did there?) It’s actually been a very cold Fall so far here in Argentina; reaching down to 29°F (-2°C) and it will surely get colder in July and August.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of my office work (in Finances and Short-Term Teams) and also being able to travel with a short-term team from Trevecca in May! I was with the Salta church plant team for 16 days (below are some pictures). Can we be praying for the Salta team as another short-term team prepares to come from June 25-July 9? I’ll be in Salta for 3 weeks and would appreciate prayers for that as well. I get to spend some time with the 4040’s before/after and help the short-term team with anything they might need while on the field.

In the meantime, I continue doing my normal activities in my church in Córdoba having worship team practices (for Sunday services and Youth services), weekly visits with families of the church, leading my House of Prayer, help plan/do evangelism events, etc. I appreciate prayers in all those activities and also for:

Prayer Requests
-Church unity (both Córdoba and Salta)
-The short-term team from Washington state that will be helping the Salta team
-The Anapolis church plant team in Brazil (see how they’re doing here!)
-My pastors as they make some big decisions over the following weeks
-For Argentina in this time for the economy and government…Abortion is in the process of being made legal and our Christian community is very saddened by this. Both Córdoba and Salta Nazarene churches are starting a Family Resource Center in July (I’ll share more details about that later)!

I send many hugs!

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