Gainly Gatherings

Gainly Gatherings

Written by Ashley Hoffner

It’s been quite a ride for myself and my church here in Argentina over the past several weeks, 4-6 weeks really. But it has never been more busy, which to me is a good thing. But this blog includes both happy and sad moments; please continue to pray with me for myself, my fellow loved one here and the ministries we are doing.

Meeting and visiting with people/loved ones is so important and a huge part of my work. The great thing is that I simply get to love on everyone and be with them. The pictures below don’t capture all that has been happening lately because I’m not accustomed to taking out my cell phone every time I get together with people or visit with someone or with a family. Many good gatherings have been happening! However, due to the weather many of us here in Argentina have been sick; thankfully most of us are on the mend for good (even though Spring allergies are coming!).

A big surprise (for myself included) is that I started seminary classes! There is an opportunity here in my district in Argentina where we can take two classes over a period of two Saturdays for a very reasonable price; a group of us from my church attended our first classes here! I am hoping to be able to take 6-8 more classes over the next 8 months. I will also be looking into taking classes online to be able to finish my certification. Please be praying with me and the other students (named in the captions of the photos) that we are able to receive all the resources we need to be able to take more classes.

Even gatherings for a cause such as a terminal illness, we never hope for but we know are important. I am sad to share that a dear sister of the church (who was only 61 years old), Elvira, passed away two weeks ago. Over the past year, Elvira had been diagnosed with leukemia. The other missionaries and I would gladly arrange to go to her and her husband’s (Elvio) house every week to share in the Word and fellowship since she was never strong enough to sit in church service for several hours. When Elvira began declining rapidly in health at the beginning of this month, the Pastors and I drove Elvio and their son and daughter-in-law to the hospital each day for over a week and visited with Elvira when we were allowed. Even when Elvira would be in the hospital bed in a lot of pain, she wouldn’t be talking with those of us around here but I clearly remember her talking with the Lord. She was a strong believer and I rejoice in knowing her and knowing that she is with her precious Savior now. This has been my first experience out of the States losing a friend/dear one and so these past few weeks have been a little difficult. Since the passing of his wife, Elvio continues to congregate in the church and has even started a House of Prayer in his house. Please pray with me for Elvio as he continues making this hard transition of living alone; he is a dear friend of mine.

As we as a church continue to transition and move forward…
Here are some more prayer requests for the weeks/months to come.
Please pray for:
-The start of our new Family Resource Center A.M.E. Apoyo para Mujeres Embarazadas (it translates to Support for Pregnant Women). We are praying for all the materials and resources to start soon.
-the transition that we have had in our church.
-the weekly Saturday evangelism events that we are doing every week
-the youth services (NYI) to continue to grow with university and adolescents hungry/thirsty for a relationship with the Lord.
-my future decisions as God guides me in my next steps.

Thank y’all as always for taking the time to read and share with me in prayers. I’m looking forward to being able to write more often so the written blog post isn’t as long.
Many blessings and hugs from Argentina.