Message Series – Mothering

This month we’re going to be travelling together through one of the most exciting times a church can be a part of – the launch of a brand new church out of our own congregation.

We’ve been working on these plans for the past year+, but the dream to be a church that gives itself away to help new churches get started goes back a long way. So, we’re going to spend the month talking about that, celebrating and then leaning into what comes next.

One of the great metaphors for what we’re doing is becoming a mother. So much of planting a new church out of an existing church follows the same kinds of themes. We think this metaphor can help us reflect on what we’ll be experiencing together this month. So, for the month of March, we’ll be laying the stages of becoming a mother alongside the stages of becoming a church mother and teasing those connections out. And we think that we’ll also find some great truths about what it means, not only on a congregational level, but on a personal level, to be giving yourself away for the sake of others you may not even know.

Here’s the Schedule:

  • March 5 – Deciding to Have a Baby
  • March 12 – Maternity & Preparation (This will be the last day with Joshua, Katie and the Launch Team. Please make it a point to be here for that day!)
  • March 19 – Celebrating Birth Day (Launch Day at BCC!)
  • March 26 – Postpartum & Leaning into The New Reality

It’s going to be a great month together! Can’t wait to see you Sunday!


Erik & Joshua

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