The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

My great-grandson was born four months pre-mature.

My son and I had just gotten back from my mother’s funeral. We were about a block away from his driveway when he got the call that Maggie may lose the baby. After a couple of days, she gave birth to little Julien; he was one pound, six ounces. He looked like a normal baby, just so tiny.

The grief Hunter and Maggie had felt turned to hope, joy, and the deepest love I have ever seen two young parents show to a baby. The baby lived six days. He was a fighter but lost the struggle. We were all crushed.

Hunter had taken me to see Julien, and I could see the love and pride in his face. The baby had grabbed his finger and held it prior to my visit. While looking into the incubator, I saw a precious life – one that was deeply wanted and loved. I was thinking as I saw him how God had given us His son, Jesus, and I thought if this baby died we would experience a similar pain and sorrow that God the Father must have felt when He gave His to Son to be our Savior.

Six days later, Julien died. The grief and sorrow I saw in Hunter and Maggie was heart wrenching. Both families wept and tried to comfort them.

I was the first to get there to see them after the news came that Julien had died. Maggie was still holding him. He died at 3:30 A.M., and it was 5:00 A.M. when I got there.

Hunter left the room to go look for his dad and step-mom. I went out to meet him in the hall when he came back. I told him that because of the sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus that he could see Julie again. Julien was in Heaven. He was happy and whole, and they could be re-united, but they must receive Christ as their Savior.

Because of the resurrection of Christ, the gift to us from God, we could have eternal life (John 3:16). That wonderful gift brought real hope to us all. Praise God! God felt the sorrow and pain we were feeling, but His love for us made the sacrifice worth it. What joy I felt as I was able to share that with my grandson, Hunter. Jesus took the “sting of death” away from all of us.

We had the funeral. It was sad yet joyous because we knew Julien was in Heaven and because of God’s gift to us, His son Jesus, we knew we would see him again.

Written by Don Mellish