The Ways of God

The Ways of God

Written by Erik Gernand

As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things. – Ecclesiastes 11:5 

And I found myself thinking this morning, “…except that now we do know the path of the wind and how babies are formed in the mother’s womb. So what does that mean for our understand of the works and ways of God?” 

These words in Ecclesiastes were written by someone who claims to have set his mind to explore the depths of the wisdom of the earth. And while, in a sense, he appears to have done that (at least as much as a person in that day could with his resources), he still comes up in the end frustrated because there always seemed to be a deeper mystery underneath whatever he was learning. 

We’ve obviously learned a lot since the days these words were written down in Ecclesiastes – meteorology and prenatal development being two of them (not to mention DNA mapping, astrophysics & the technology to deliver a Bible verse to a piece of metal and glass in my pocket every morning!). But isn’t it interesting that, after all these years, no matter how much we study God’s creation, there is still a deeper mystery to the ways of God that are higher/deeper/wider than our minds and hearts can fully grasp? 

I think, ironically, this is what a portion of what is known as the “Wisdom Literature” in scripture is all about – not getting too full of ourselves when it comes to the knowledge that we’ve stored up. Because regardless of how much we learn about God’s creation… 

…it was still God who created it…and who continues to hold it all together by his powerful word. 

Today, as you learn, may you hold this knowledge humbly before the God of all wisdom. And may his ways, which continue to be more deep, wonderful and true than we can know, fill you with awe and wonder.