Wait on the Lord

Wait on the Lord

Written by Erik Gernand

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. – Psalm 27:14

Waiting is hard.

Ashley (my wife) and I were watching a magic show on Netflix the other day where the magician took several children through the “Marshmallow Test.” Maybe you’ve seen it. You bring a child into a room and sit her in front of a plate with a marshmallow on it. If the child can wait for ten minutes without eating the marshmallow, then she’ll get two marshmallows to eat instead.

Most kids can’t wait.

There’s something within us that resists waiting, delayed gratification, pushing out the resolution of a problem to a later time. We like problems to be resolved, solutions to be offered and marshmallows to be in our tummies.

But this isn’t generally the way a life of faith works (or any kind of life, for that matter!). In a life of faith, we trust that there is a God who is intensely interested in our well-being, who loves us and all of creation along with us. This God can be trusted to work for our good, even in situations that are extremely difficult.

Unfortunately, God’s timing and processes don’t always correspond to our desire for things to happen yesterday. In another place in the Psalms, we’re reminded that with the Lord, a thousand years are like a day (Psalm 90:4). You can imagine writing those words from a waiting posture through some difficulty (the original context of those words was the wilderness journey in Exodus) and wondering, “When is God ever going to get to this?!” It might be tempting to take matters into our own hands in times like these. But we’re reminded that the best posture is to continue to wait for the Lord.

Take heart and wait for the Lord.

There may be two marshmallows on the other side of the waiting.